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What Makes Us Unique?

Animation Apprentice is unique among animation schools. What makes us different?

  • Almost 200 training videos. We don't just give you a general push in the right direction - we show you how, step by step, to complete each exercise. You get proper, clear instruction in how to animate.
  • Bespoke feedback. We don't just give general criticism on a shot, or draw lines on the screen to show you how you might make it better. We go one step further and actually open up your shot for you, showing you step by step how to make it better.
  • We fix your shot for you. Every week you get a high resolution video that shows you exactly how to improve your work. It's like going to a mechanic and having them not just fix your car, but show you step by step how, next time, you can fix it yourself.
  • Learn in your own time. You can download the video feedback when you like, and watch it in your own time, fixing your own shot as you go along. The whole point of online study is it is a flexible tool.
  • No random tutors. You get bespoke feedback from veteran animator Alex Williams, an artist with 20 years experience in the classroom and 25 years of working in the industry.

Here is what our students have said about Animation Apprentice:

"incredible, brilliant feedback! Superb on every level. Animation is definitely making me think! Loving it! Totally enjoying it"

- Amanda Tan, Student at Animation Apprentice

"I love getting this type of feedback...its a great way of seeing improvements and being able to remedy them in future. Your theory videos are action packed with great references, thoughts and ideas. I'm pleased to say I am completely hooked on the course. It's been awesome."

- Philip Loeffler, Student at Animation Apprentice

"Thank you so much for the fantastic feedback- what a course- receiving personally recorded video feedback- how cool is that!? intense, serious learning going on - make the time and you will be rewarded"

- Alexi Balian, Student at Animation Apprentice

"Absolutely amazing feedback"

- Kevin Scorey, Student at Animation Apprentice

"As a student, I feel more and more looked after, safe in the knowledge that we're surrounded by people who know their stuff :) This course gets better and better, week on week. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! Feeling so inspired!"

- Marc Godfrey, student at Animation Apprentice

"Really blown away by all the suggestions and advice. Really enjoying the course and determined to finish"

- Kate Burke, student at Animation Apprentice

"...very much liking the course. It's great to know we're learning from the best. The way this [feedback] works is amazing! I never actually get any feedback like that at college or uni. It is awesome. The way it is organised is really well set out too. There is no way in hell you'd get 12 minutes feedback from a tutor in a classroom situation because there just isn't enough time in normal class hours. I'm really excited to see how things go from here."

- Peter Stringer, student at animation Apprentice

"Thanks to Animation Apprentice I could finally refine my showreel and be ready to work into ambitious Cg Companies in London and abroad. I'd like to recommend this skillful 3D online animation course to anyone."

- Giuseppe Candido, Animation Apprentice student.

"Great feedback"

- Greg Gordon, student at Animation Apprentice

"Thanks Alex for Great feedback. Great exercises - I really enjoyed it."

- Jamshid Noori, student at Animation Apprentice

"I am really enjoying the lessons"

- Gerassimos Stavridis, student at Animation Apprentice

"Not only are the video lectures interesting and stimulating, but also inspiring. [The feedback is] one of the most effective ways of receiving feedback I've experienced to date. Not only being able to hear, but to see the feedback, as well as being able to re-wind and re-visit is amazingly helpful. I really appreciate the level of committment, dedication and inspiration Alex puts into teaching us. For the level of knowledge and experience he passes on to us I can safely say he is more of a mentor than a teacher. I hope I will be able to continue learning from Alex after the course and throughout my career as an animator".

- Anonymous student feedback at Animation Apprentice.