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Animation Apprentice 3D Animation Online Course

Animation Apprentice is an online animation school, teaching the art of 3D character and creature animation. Take our 30 week animation course online and learn how to:

  • Make 3D characters come alive
  • Understand the mechanics of motion, physics, timing, and weight
  • Use the leading industry animation software - Autodesk Maya
  • Learn to create an animated scene from start to finish using our proven work methods
  • Animate characters using dialogue, music and sound effects
  • Animate animals and creatures
  • Create and animate 3D cameras
  • Perfect and edit your demo reel so you have the perfect calling card to find work

To see more student work, check out our 2015 demo reel below:

And our 2016 demo reel below:


We want you to learn every skill necessary to go out and land your first 3D animation job. By the end of the 30 week online animation courses you will have completed dozens of shots, each one ready to use on your showreel. 

If you are interested in getting a formal qualification, follow this link to find out about our online MA in animation, which next enrols in September 2019.

For further information, see our FAQs here. You can find information on pricing and payment here. To Register and get started, click here. To see when our next class begins, check out this page.


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