What We Can Do For You

Become a great animator.

We aim to provide the highest quality and best value animation training available anywhere. Years of planning have gone into preparing these classroom-tested techniques, to make each exercise build on the one before so that you learn gradually, progressively, always being tested and stretched but never being confused or left behind.

Acquire skills to help you get a job

Our goal is to make you job-ready by the end of the course. We cannot guarantee jobs for our students, but we will do our very best to provide you with practical skills that prepare you for the workplace and help you to get hired. We have excellent industry contacts and will do our best to make introductions, even place students in internships or jobs, if we are able. We recognise that animation is a technology-driven craft and students need to have the latest skills to get hired. Check out our success stories to see where our students are working now.

Get a proper qualification - Master of Arts

Our ground-breaking Master of Arts in animation was launched in September 2015, in partnership with Buckinhamshire New University.  Study online, learn to animate - and also aquire an internationally-recognised qualification - the world's first MA in 3D Animation. Sign up now for September 2021

Develop an awesome demo reel

A great demo reel is your calling card, your portfolio - your showcase of your personal talent. The course is designed so that each exercise can be polished, improved and used on your reel. The last four weeks of the course are all about your reel - cutting it together, editing it, improving it, tweaking it - and finally uploading it to public sites such as Vimeo and YouTube so you can get noticed and get hired. 

Enjoy the course and have fun

Learning animation should be fun! We love teaching it, so we hope you will love learning it. We never forget that our job as animators is to entertain. At least as important as learning technical skills - maybe more important - is the ability to make your work come alive and entertain an audience. Great animation is about giving a performance, loving the medium, and loving what you do.

We want you to see the incredible possibilities of the medium

Animation has been transformed in recent years from a small cottage industry employing a handful of skilled craftsmen into a global business, creating huge opportunities to create exciting digital artwork in a commercial medium. Join the party! We anticipate continued growth in an industry which increasingly affects millions of people's lives - whether through film, TV, games, phone apps and advertising.