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Industry Partners

We are blessed with many contacts in the animation and visual effects industry, especially in London and Los Angeles.

We cannot guarantee any of our students a job, but we will do our best to place students in internships and/or work experience wherever possible. The single most important factor in getting work is having a great demo reel - that is your calling card to the industry.

We''ll help you put together a great reel and help direct you to companies that are hiring for projects in film, VFX, advertising, games and web animation.

Animation is a growing business; the industry is expanding all the time. Whilst individual companies wax and wane, overall this is an exciting and dynamic sector with a great future.

Check out this video for Launcher One, made by Brainstorm Media for Virgin Galactic. Brainstorm sought a recommendation from us for a skilled animator to animate 3D spacecraft and we were able to recommend one of our students for the job.

Launcher One - by Virgin Galactic