Success Stories

Many of Alex's former students have gone on to have successful careers in the animation, games and vfx industries. To see the latest success stories at our blog, follow this link.

Benn Garnish - Animator at Double Negative

Benn is an Animation Apprentice student who recently landed a job with Double Negative, one of London's leading VFX houses. Benn has been honing his CG skills and went on to work on production shots on Fast and Furious 6, released in May 2013.

Giuseppe Candido

Giuseppe Candido studied at Animation Apprentice and put together an excellent creature animation reel, on the strength of which he went on to find work as a 3D generalist and animator, working in-house to create and animate CG models for a large industrial company.

Richard Jeffrey - Animator & Director

Richard Jeffrey is a talented 2D animator who took Alex's 3D animation course at Escape Studios in London. With absolutely no prior Maya experience Rich went from being a 3D newbie to being a professional 3D animator - able to successfully find work in the industry, and take his career to the next level. Rich went on to work at Tiger Aspect Productions, directing a pilot for a new animated TV series. You can see more of his work at his website at

Tracey Chung, Animator and Layout Artist

Tracey Chung took Alex's very first animation class at Escape Studios in London, back in 2010. Tracey was a 3D newbie and the work she did there was completed in just 6 weeks. On the strength of her charming reel Tracey found work on the series The Adventures of Abney and Teal, and she is now working at Axis Animation in Glasgow. You can see more of her work at

David Davis, Animator and Maya Generalist

David Davis is a very able animator and Maya generalist who took Alex's animation course at Escape Studios in London in 2011. Alex was able to introduce David to a small production company in Los Angeles putting together a bid for a project for Virgin Galactic. The bid was successful and the project was completed in late 2012. In 2012 David got a job working at Andy Serkis' London animation studio Imaginarium.

Nick Dimitriadis - Animator & Maya Generalist

Nick Dimitriadis studied with Alex on the 12 week animation course at Escape Studios in London in 2011, and has become an extremely accomplished character animator. he is currently creating animated motion graphics for a theatre production of the Aristophanes comedy "The Birds" in Greece.

Other former students of Alex who have gone to enjoy successful careers include:

Peter Sohn. Alex taught Peter character animation at CalArts in Los Angeles. Peter is now a director, designer and storyboard artist at Pixar Studios.