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Module 1 - Week 1 - The Bouncing Ball

The Bouncing Ball - Technical Videos

There are five Technical Lectures to watch this week.

1. Maya Interface

This video introduces you to the basics of the Maya interface.

Maya Interface Intro 1a from Alexander Williams on Vimeo.


2. Creating a Project in Maya and Setting to it

This video shows you how to set a project correctly in Maya - a vital first step every time you start animating.

How to Create a Project in Maya and Set to it from Alexander Williams on Vimeo.


3. The Graph Editor - the Animator's Best Friend

This vital video explains how the Graph Editor works in Maya - the beating heart of Maya animation

Graph Editor Intro from Alexander Williams on Vimeo.

4. About the Ultimate Ball Rig

This video explains how to use the free Ultimate Ball Rig

ImportBouncingBall from Alexander Williams on Vimeo.

To find the Ultimate Ball Rig at, follow this link