Online MA in 3D Animation

In 2015 Animation Apprentice announced the launch of a animation world-first - the first online MA in animation.  Building on our partnership with the Animation and Visual Effects Course at Buckinghamshire New University, we launched a new online post graduate degree which can be undertaken by students anywhere in the world. 

Partnership with Buckinghamshire New University
The MA is awarded by Buckinghamshire New University, under the umbrella of their animation and visual effects department. All the practical content of the course is delivered by Animation Apprentice.

What's so special about this new MA?
Flexibility. Until now, if you wanted to do an MA in animation, you had to go to a university and study there, at a place and time that is convenient for the university.  Never mind that you have a day job and a family - you have to study when it suits them, not when it suits you. Now, you will be able to complete the degree online, from anywhere in the world. You don't even need to show up for graduation - though you will definitely be invited!

Anim & VFX at Bucks New Uni

What will you learn?
The course is a unique blend of practical and academic content. That means you will learn how to animate, stop by step, and be properly trained as a skilled professional 3D animator. At the same time, you will have to engage with the theory behind the craft, and take a close look at the industry, critically engaging with the underpinnings and possibilities of the medium.

Bologna - the first university. We still wear the silly hats (but just for graduation).

How is Animation Apprentice involved?
We are offering the practical content, training students to become great animators. Bucks New Uni supplies the academic content.  It is the combination of practical and academic content in a distance learning environment that makes this course so unique.

Why does anyone need an MA?
Because an MA is a globally recognised qualification. Having an MA shows that you can engage in critical thinking at an advanced level, and make a thorough analysis of the subject being studied. If, for example, you would like to develop a career in teaching animation, an MA is very useful.

But don't studios want practical skills?
Yes they do. Studios hire animators with great demo reels. That is why our course has a strong emphasis on learning the techniques of 3D animation, as well as academic content. By the end of the course you will have a strong demo reel, to help you find work in this fast-growing industry.

Who is this Course For?
Our course will be of special interest to anyone who wants to learn the craft of 3D animation, and also in particular for anyone who would like a career in teaching animation. Universities and Colleges of Higher Education want their instructors to have a formal qualification in the field.  There isn't another course that we know of which offers this blend of practical and critical content.

Do you need to have a BA (or similar undergraduate degree) to apply?

Ideally yes, but it does not have to be in animation. If you don't have a degree, but have considerable industry experience, you may be able to satisty the University's APEL requirements.

When Does the Next Class Begin?
September 2020

How Much Does the MA Cost?
The course currently costs around £7,000 - but check with the university admissions dept as this is subject to change. Don't forget that the UK government now offers student loans to graduate students. For more on UK Government funding for MA study, read this post.

What kind of jobs are available to graduates?
The animation industry is expanding rapidly worldwide. 3D animation is everywhere now, on TV, in the movie theatres, on your smart phone, on the web, and in games. The skills you will learn are transferable to any kind of animation.

How Can I Sign Up?
To visit the official page and register for more information, follow this link.