The Digital Aristotle and the Future of Education

CPG Grey is an educator with a vision for the future on online education. He has a YouTube channel with a ton of tightly-edited videos and 36 million views. In the video above Grey peers into the future to reveal the "Digital Aristotle", in which the web becomes our personal tutor, just as Alexander the Great was tutored by his very own flesh-and-blood Aristotle.

One of Grey's heroes is Salman Khan, founder of the Khan Academy, which offers thousands of free videos online on hundreds of subjects. Khan was a huge inspiration for me in founding Animation Apprentice. Khan's big idea is that the traditional classroom model is outdated - why have a guy lecturing for an hour to a room of 25 students when the same tutor can reach thousands or even millions online, and at far less cost?

Animation Apprentice has been up and running now for four months, and so far I haven't given a single lecture. I don't need to - they've all been pre-recorded. And that saving in time and energy frees me to spend all my time with the students giving detailed personalised feedback of a kind that they would never get in the classroom.

As we begin a new year, I think we are going to see more and more online tuition - which will change education in the same way that Amazon has changed shopping.