An excellent Demo Reel by Greg Gordon

Greg Gordon started studying with Animation Apprentice at the beginning of 2013, and he has now completed the course. Greg has done an excellent job with all the exercises, putting together 3 animation demo reels; one for character animation, one for creature work, and a third reel for games companies - focusing on motion cycles, actions and locomotion. He has also built a website to host his work, making him easy for employers to find, and easy to recommend for work.

Greg Gordon Creature Animation Reel

Congratulations to Greg on doing a fine job on the course. He consistently showed strong technical grasp of the animation process, as well as a great deal of imaginative flair. Most of all, he shows an ability to give a performance, to be entertaining, which is so important in becoming a successful animator.

Greg Gordon Character Animation Reel


We're sure Greg will get snapped up quickly and will find work in the industry, and we look forward to watching his career unfold.

You can see his website, and all his demo reels, here.