A former student writes....

Animation by Serious Parody

Greg Woodcock, one of my old students from Escape Studios, has recently landed a job at a new animation studio in Dundee called Serious Parody. Here is what he wrote:

"It's been a long time since I last spoke to you and a lot has happened. I have been to an Escape Reunion recently and found that our class was the last animation course you did! I am glad I caught the class before it ended.

I understand now that your probably off tutoring somewhere else but I would like to let you know that I have got myself a job by adding more work to my showreel and am now working in Dundee for a company called Serious Parody. I am the second animator in the company and it is a full time perminent job with funding from the Scottish Enterprise. We are working on a Wrestling game for the Playstation 3 and I am enjoying every minute of it!

I would like to thank you as you managed to get me excited again about my abilities in animation and gave me confidence to just go ahead and animate. Every day now I am improving and getting faster while learning more about how the games industry works."

Greg was a very able student, someone who worked hard at his animation and was full of invention and ideas. He practiced like mad and proved that with practice, hard work and a good showreel it is possible to have a great career. For all of us working in this business, our demo reel is a never-ending project, constantly being upgraded and improved.

Many congratulations to Greg on the new job!

--- Alex


Very inspiring! Congratulations, Greg!