Module 2 Now Complete!

Animation Walk Cycle by Richard Jeffrey

Our first group of students have now almost completed Module 2, and are doing excellent work. We are very encouraged to see that the standard of animation is overall much higher than it would be in a classroom, largely I think because it is so much harder for a student to fall behind. Missed what the instructor said? Just re-wind the video and play it again.

Below is a charming character walk from Marc Godfrey, one of our pioneer group of Apprentices. Marc's brief was to do a walk cycle showing character and personality, and he has taken one of the many free rigs available at Creative Crash and produced a very appealing walk cycle. It still needs some tweaks before it will be demo-reel ready, but it is a great start and shows he can entertain us as well as master the technical aspects of animation.

And very many thanks to Sachin Pokhriyal for his excellent rig, free for students to use all over the world.

--- Alex