MPC is hiring!

One of London's leading visual effects houses, the Moving Picture Company (MPC), is hiring! They are looking for artists not just for Canada and Bangalore, but also for London, which thankfully suggests that Soho isn't quite finished yet.

Time for all of our students who have completed the course at Animation Apprentice to polish their CVs, edit their demo reels, and start applying. After all, once you've stuffed your face with mince pies and watched Harry Potter 12 on the TV, there's not much else to do between now and New Year. Take advantage of this glorious downtime to make your demo reel sing.

Editing a good demo reel is a challenge, and one that we take seriously. That's why we devote the last four weeks of the course to editing and re-editing our students' reels. After all, it's vital not just to be good at animation, but to be able to show the worls how good you are.

Happy Christmas!