Oscar Winning modeler Adam Dewhirst is giving a free webinar tonight....

Escape Studios are hosting a free webinar with Oscar winning modeler Adam Dewhirst tonight at 6pm. Sign up now and hear Adam reveal the secrets of 3D Modeling, and what it takes to find work at a top London visual effects house like Escape Studios.

To find out more, follow this link: http://www.escapestudios.com/live-webinar-the-art-of-oscar-winning-3d-modeling/

I have worked with Adam myself and can personally vouch for his credentials. He is an excellent digital artist, a serious pro. Anyone interested in making a living as a CG modeler should sign up for this webinar. Even if you are not so interested in modeling, the webinar will be a window into the world of visual effects work in Soho.

And it's free!