What Does a Great Demo reel look like?

Animation Demo Reel by Rich Jeffrey

What does the perfect animation demo reel look like? It's not an academic question. A good demo reel is the student's calling card, their shop front to the world and a public display of talent. No matter how good or talented you may be - you are only as good as your demo reel. It is what employers will look at when they decide which of ten applicants to hire for a vacancy. A good reel is the difference between getting hired, and not.

Above is an example of what I think a good animation reel should look like. This is the work of the very talented Richard Jeffrey, who took my animation course at Escape Studios in London in 2011. Rich has done a mixture of character and creature work, and shows not just technical skill but that most elusive of qualities - the capacity to entertain.

Any student with a reel like this will not struggle to find work.