Animation Apprentice featured in Skwigly!

We're famous again! Well, sort of. Skwigly, the Online Animation Magazine, have run a piece by me about how to survive and thrive as a freelance animator.  A career in animation is seldom a straight line - almost all of us who work in the industry will have to carve out our own path, and for most of us that means embracing the world of freelance work. Even highly successful digital artists who are employees of big companies are generally doing some kind of freelance work on their own time.

Here at Animation Apprentice we want our students to have the best possible understanding of what it means to be a freelancer; which means, in effect, learning how to run your own small business from home. Knowing how to draft an invoice, how to handle a client, how to meet dedlines - these are all life skills which are every bit as important as being a great animator.  Scroll down through the blog and you will find lots of practical information on the life skills necessary to have a great freelance career.