Life Drawing - do animators need it?

Here at Animation Apprentice we teach digital animation, but we still believe in the power of a pencil and paper. Being able to draw is still a useful skill for an animator to learn, not just to sketch out an idea for a potential client but for design, development, and also to be able to draw thumbnail sketches - those small, expressive drawings that help an animator plan out a shot.

Life drawing, then, is a useful skill to learn, especially if the drawing class consists of quick sketches, drynamic poses which tell a story. 2 minute poses, 1 minute poses - even 30 seconds or less - this forces the animator to capture the pose in just a few lines, especially the all-import line of action which gives a pose its dynamism.

As an online school we can't really offer life-drawing classes, but luckily these are available all around the world at art schools and colleges. A quick Google search should reveal a class near you. And, to get started, try watching this 5 minute video, which explains the best way to go about it.



So put down your Wacom tablet and start drawing!