Module 1 Complete!

Our first group of students have now completed Module 1, and so far the results are excellent. As I had hoped, learning animation online is a more powerful tool than learning in the classroom. As a teacher, I get to spend my time individually with each student, not wasting time giving a lecture that I have already given before.

Here at Animation Apprentice the students get bespoke critiques of their work, not just generally commentary but an under-the-hood critique which shows them exactly how to improve their shot. One of our first students, Philip Loeffler, has done an awesome piece of animation of the Luxo Lamp hopping - which is already almost ready (with a few minor tweaks) for his Demo Reel.

Here at Animation Apprentice we believe that a great Demo Reel is the single most important factor in finding work. It is your calling card, your showcase of talent.

Congratulations to Phil for a fantastic start - we can't wait to see his next animation tests.