The State of Animation Training

Animation and VFX Training

Creative Skillset, the Government body which oversees and accredits animation training in the UK, has called for a massive overhaul of UK animation training. Here is a part of their press release:

Massive change prompts review of key skills and job roles in animation

"Creative Skillset is putting out a final call for the expertise of animation professionals to map the skills needed to get in and get on in the industry for the National Occupational Standards for Animation.

Since the Standards were last reviewed the industry has been transformed by technological developments including the growth of VFX, co-production work, multiplatform opportunities and CGI.

Global competitors threaten our industry, and 30% of animation employers now report a skills gap within their current workforce. This is due to a short supply of homegrown talent with relevant skills. Up-to-date standards combat this by ensuring more relevant qualifications can be created, and therefore new sources of quality talent can be developed. Better standards mean better qualifications, meaning new entrants with better skills.

The UK Government¹s current consultation on tax breaks for the industry includes a stipulation that a good skills infrastructure is essential to continued growth, something that these Standards will help to address."

Here at Animation Apprentice we couldn't agree more. The state of animation training at UK schools falls far behind our rivals in Europe and North America. One of the reasons we set up Animation Apprentice was in order to create an affordable, effective animation training course which will give students the vital skills they need to get a job in the industry. Nowadays the animation business is heavily technology-driven, and is changing all the time. We train our students on Maya 2013 - the latest industry software and the package most commonly used at leading animation and VFX houses in London and the USA.